Sasha Napoli is a painter currently based in Manchester where she moved after completing her studies at the University of Leeds. She has exhibited her artwork internationally and nationally. Her paintings combine figuration and abstraction translating her experiences of life, mostly inspired by the menial and monotonous moments of the everyday, into vibrant, dynamic paintings that are centred around materiality and mark-making.
Interwoven into her practice is an interest in Absurdism; this was stimulated by her day to day where she found herself constantly returning to the thought of how we coincidentally all inhabit this place and the universality that unites us in navigating a world, that is somewhat chaotic, in a perceived orderly way. This has gradually developed into a focus on the imagined and how Napoli can use what she sees in the everyday to inspire weird and bizarre images that seem to belong to another reality.
Utilising painting, Napoli finds it is an outlet for expressing things that often baffle her when trying to condense these magnanimous thoughts and feelings into words. She hopes that, through seeing these works, others find themselves drawn or comforted by these painterly scenes that range from the dreamlike to the absurd.

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