Drawing inspiration from everyday experiences, a wide variety of literature and an inexplicable affinity for bananas and bums, Napoli’s paintings are concerned with taking familiar subjects and placing them into vivid, often abstracted environments, enclosed within the frame of a canvas. Throughout this process she questions the threshold between the painterly mark and the creation of an entire image; by manipulating the viscosity and transparency of the paint, mark-making, materiality and colour become the basis of her paintings. It is through a gradual process of layering and continuously re-visiting pieces that Napoli slowly constructs vibrant, dynamic images.

Although these subjects may seem mundane or comical, each one becomes far more significant as it is translated into a painting; it represents a questioning of the way we move through the world; our judgements; what we value or fixate on; a fleeting thought. Ultimately, these paintings become a representation of Napoli’s experience of life; a way of sharing these menial moments that resonate with her through a medium other than language.

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