A Delicious Garden brought together a group of early-career artists who have been educated or are based in Leeds. The artists involved were:
Sasha Napoli
Aaron Jolley
Freya Stockford
Bea Allen
Astrid Butt
Aasif Davidson
At the forefront of this exhibition, which was supported by Leeds Inspired, was the fair treatment of artists; nourishing their artistic practice, supporting creative development and valuing their time. By paying these early-career artists for their time and work we wanted to draw attention to how it should be standard practice for artists and creatives to be paid. Exhausted from applying for opportunities and outraged by paying for them, we are carving our own space and highlighting the exploitation of artists and the disregard for the time and effort it takes to establish and maintain an artistic practice. 
Accessibility is at the centre of A Delicious Garden. We wanted to promote a community-focused approach to the artistic world. By facilitating networking and discussions, we hope to bring together creatives of Leeds and provide them with a group they can go to with questions, ideas or goals (because gatekeeping and making art on your own can kind of suck!). This is why, alongside the exhibition and launch event, we are doing an artist-led workshop and a collaborative event with the Queer Art Collective Double Feature.
This exhibition and series of events was organised by Sasha Napoli and Aaron Jolley.
Exhibition Launch
Collaborative Double Feature Event: LEFTOVERS

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